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The Kansas City, Kansas School Foundation for Excellence(KCKSFFE) was established in 1989 with an annual Scholarship Golf Tournament. The Foundation was formed to provide twelve, three thousand dollar scholarships for students in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. Today, our nonprofit organization continues to grow beyond a golf tournament but hopes to direct funds and services from individuals, businesses, corporations, memorials and other nonprofit organizations to support where educational funding is not available.

The Kansas City, Kansas School Foundation For Excellencehas gained a renewed focus and an increased commitmenttoward expanding the vision and mission of the organization. The economy has negatively impacted perpupil funding , which has resulted in a decrease in studentand staff services. Now more than ever, it is critical forthe Foundation to play a more ubiquitous role with financial support.

Students within the district possess a rich diversity of cultures, experiences, and values. They bring the same hopes and aspirations of students everywhere: a hunger for new experiences, a thirst for learning, and commitment in serving our students and community is unsurpassed.
The Foundation's Teaching for Learning Grants provide resources for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools staff, to assist with special projects such as White Boards, Green gardens, Literacy programs that are beyond the Districts funding capacity.
Teaching for Learning Grants
The Foundation currently offers 12 scholarship opportunities to high school seniors who attend the five area high schools of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.
KCKSFFE Scholarship Recipients
The Kansas Gas Service presented the KCKSFFE with the ONEOK Foundation technology grant of $5,000. The grant will benefit the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, Inspiring Excellence.
The ONEOK Foundation technology grant

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